Big Idea: God wants to trust Him and live by FAITH not in fear.

Bible Passage: Numbers 13-14

This week the kids learned that Moses sent 12 men to look at the land God promised His people. Joshua and Caleb were 2 of these men. 10 of the men did not fear God and were afraid of the strong people in the land. Joshua and Caleb believed God would give them victory over the people living in the land, and that they could trust Him. The land was 'flowing with milk and honey' and lots of fruit! Because the Israelites listened to the 10 men who were afraid, God sent the people back to wander in the wilderness, and only Joshua and Caleb ever reach the promised land, 40 years later. 

The people should have put their faith in God, and not their own strength, no matter how afraid they were. Our God is not bound or beaten by the strength of people and circumstances in our world, He is almighty. The people chose to live in fear, and not in faith, and for that sin, they paid the price of never seeing the land God had for them. God blesses those who trust Him, and we can trust Him every time, no matter how scared we feel. He is faithful and never fails His children.

Family Activity

This week as a family, either make a fruit salad, or see if you can find a grasshopper in the garden. If you make a fruit salad, as you cut the fruit, ask children what makes them afraid. If you find a grasshopper, talk about it's size compared to you. It's natural to be afraid of things in this world, and our God knows that. But just as He did for Joshua and Caleb, and many of the Israelites who trusted Him, God takes care of us, so even when we are afraid, we can still put our faith in God to take care of us, and be near us, always.

See you next week!