Big Idea: God deserves all the praise and hoorays at Christmas!

Bible Passage: Luke 1:39-56

Read: Luke 1:39-56 in a children's Bible, or this easy-to-read version here.

Talk: In this passage, Mary sings a song of praise to God. She praises Him for being faithful, mighty and for His kindness to her. Read verses 47- 48 together:

"I praise the Lord with all my heart. I am very happy because God is my Savior. I am not important, but he has shown his care for me, his lowly servant. From now until the end of time, people will remember how much God blessed me."

1. Mary says, "I am not important, but He has shown His care for me." 

2. Then she says, "From now until the end of time, people will remember how much God has blessed me." 

Mary didn't think she was important, or talented, or the best at being good. She knew that none of these things were the reason God chose her to be the mummy of Jesus. She calls herself God's 'lowly servant.' She says she is not important, but God is, and that He cares for her. 

Then she says that when people remember her and the important job she had, that they shouldn't talk about how good she is, but that we should remember that God has blessed her. She gives all the honour, glory and credit for the wonderfulness of her story to God. She gives God all the praise and hoorays, instead of talking about herself.

Listen: God calls, chooses and loves us, too. But not because we are great, or talented, or important, or the best at being good. God chooses to call us His children simply because He wants to. He calls Himself our loving Father (even when we are sinful and run away from Him!). God even says He has prepared special jobs for us to do for Him with our lives, too. (Eph 2:10). 

When you are grown up and older, what do you want people to remember about you? What will you be known for? Is it something important, something you are good at, or something that you have done? Why or why not? When we talk about Mary, we remember how blessed she was. What are some of God's blessings to you? 


This week, around the dinner or meal table (or even on Christmas Day!), have each family member say 1) what they hope to be known or remembered for, and 2) a blessing that God has given them to remember.

Have a Merry Christmas! 

May your family be blessed 🙂