Big Idea: God's plan to rescue His children is unstoppable.

Bible Passage: Exodus 5-10

This week we looked at Moses confronting Pharaoh. We saw how Moses was chosen by God to rescue His people. They had been living in Egypt since Joseph rescued them from a famine around 400 years ago, and as God promised, they increased in number – so much so that Pharaoh (the King of Egypt) decided to enslave them to keep them from uprising against him. 

The people of God cried out to Him and God heard them. He chose Moses to rescue them. Even though Moses felt like he wasn't good enough to face Pharaoh, God told Him He would be with Him, and told Him 'I AM WHO I AM." God was saying He is almighty, forever past, forever future and always in control. Moses could trust God. 

Moses went back to Egypt and confronted Pharaoh, who was stubborn and would not release God's people. God displayed His almighty character by sending plagues on Egypt, defying the power of the Egyptian gods and showing His power to Pharaoh. We talked about the lengths that God went to rescue His children from the hands of their enemies, and how great and powerful He is. In Exodus 9:16, God says, "However, I have let you live for this purpose: to show you my power and to make my name known on the whole earth."

God chose Moses to deliver His children from those who enslaved them. He did this to show His power and His love for His children. Even greater than Moses, is our Deliverer, Jesus. God went to even greater lengths for us, by He himself dying on the cross to set us free from sin and death. When we read the story of the lengths God went to set the Israelites free, we should praise Jesus for His grace and mercy in showing us His power to save us from our own sin.

Family Activity

Read through the list of the first 9 plagues together. Have a charades-type game where you make the noises or actions of each plague and see if family members can guess which one you are demonstrating. Remind children that God has power over animals, the sea, the sky, the weather, the whole earth and even the sun and the planets. Our God is all powerful, and has used His power and His love to set us free from being slaves to sin. Praise Him in prayer together for His might and His mercy to us.