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Month: September 2019

The Bronze Snake

Big Idea: When we sin, we can turn back to God and be forgiven because of Jesus.

Bible Passage: Numbers 20-21

This week the kids learned that the people of God once again chose not to trust Him. The people complained to Moses about the food and water, and spoke out against God. God sent snakes into the camp of the people because of their sin. When the people repented, and Moses prayed to God on behalf of the people, God made a way for them to be saved. God told Moses to put a bronze snake up on a pole, and all who looked at the bronze snake would be saved from the venomous snakes.

We talked about how we also deserve to die because of our sin against God when we choose not to trust Him. But instead of sending punishment on us, God punished Jesus for the sins of the whole world when He died on the cross. Just as the Israelites looked to the bronze snake to be saved, all those who look to Jesus for salvation will be saved from sin and death. Jesus was lifted up on the cross for us as the bronze snake was lifted up for the Israelites as a way to be saved. Our God is the only one who can save us from our sin and death.

Family Activity

This week, if your kids complain about the food or drink you provide for them, use it as an opportunity to talk about the story. Ask children about other things that they are tempted to complain about. Remind children that it wasn't just that the people of God whinged about the food that God was punishing, but that they chose not to trust Him as their God and provider. How often do we also forget to trust God for all that we need? Thank God together that we are not punished for our sin as the Israelites were, but because of Jesus, when we sin, we can be forgiven. Help children to 'REPENT & REALIGN' as we discussed on Sunday – to REPENT means to turn back to God, and REALIGN means to follow Him once again. We 'REPENT' when we say we are sorry for our sins, and REALIGN when we ask for forgiveness and ask for help to trust Him.

See you next week!


Joshua and Caleb

Big Idea: God wants to trust Him and live by FAITH not in fear.

Bible Passage: Numbers 13-14

This week the kids learned that Moses sent 12 men to look at the land God promised His people. Joshua and Caleb were 2 of these men. 10 of the men did not fear God and were afraid of the strong people in the land. Joshua and Caleb believed God would give them victory over the people living in the land, and that they could trust Him. The land was 'flowing with milk and honey' and lots of fruit! Because the Israelites listened to the 10 men who were afraid, God sent the people back to wander in the wilderness, and only Joshua and Caleb ever reach the promised land, 40 years later. 

The people should have put their faith in God, and not their own strength, no matter how afraid they were. Our God is not bound or beaten by the strength of people and circumstances in our world, He is almighty. The people chose to live in fear, and not in faith, and for that sin, they paid the price of never seeing the land God had for them. God blesses those who trust Him, and we can trust Him every time, no matter how scared we feel. He is faithful and never fails His children.

Family Activity

This week as a family, either make a fruit salad, or see if you can find a grasshopper in the garden. If you make a fruit salad, as you cut the fruit, ask children what makes them afraid. If you find a grasshopper, talk about it's size compared to you. It's natural to be afraid of things in this world, and our God knows that. But just as He did for Joshua and Caleb, and many of the Israelites who trusted Him, God takes care of us, so even when we are afraid, we can still put our faith in God to take care of us, and be near us, always.

See you next week!

God Gave Rules for Sacrifices

Big Idea: God made a way for people's sin to be forgiven.

BIble Passage: Leviticus

This week we looked at the book at Leviticus (Yep, the whole thing!) In this book are the laws and the commands that God gave to His people. He was setting up His promise to them by saying, "I will be your God, and this is how you are to live as my people." He told them as His people "to be Holy, as I, the Lord am Holy."

But the people were sinful, and so in order to be holy, and to be made right with God, they needed a way for their sin to be paid for. So, God gave instructions to His people to bring offerings and sacrifices for their sin, so that they would be forgiven. We read in Leviticus the instructions for animal sacrifices, the offerings people brought, and the way the priests were set apart to enter into God's presence in order make sacrifices on the peoples' behalf. We also read about the Day of Atonement, which was a special day set aside in the Jewish calendar to come together and have 'atonement' made for their sin by the shedding of an animal's blood.

When Jesus came to earth, He lived a perfect, holy life without sin. He obeyed all of God's laws perfectly. Jesus then died on the cross, and the shedding of Jesus' blood was the once and for all sacrifice for our sin. Now, we don't have to bring animal sacrifices, or obey the law of Moses in order to be called Holy, but instead call Jesus our Lord and Saviour and ask God to forgive us by the blood of Jesus. 

We praise God for making a way for us to be called His people even though we sin and don't deserve it. We praise God for sending Jesus to pay the price for our sin. Now, in the same way, we are able to show love and forgiveness to others by the power of His Holy Spirit, and demonstrate just how much Jesus loves people.

Family Activity

To 'atone' means to 'make up for'. What are some of the ways we 'make up for' things that we have done to each other? What are some examples for your family? (When we hurt each other, we say we are sorry, when we make a mess, we clean it up.) Discuss them together. Talk about how our mess (our sin) is so bad, and God is so Holy, that we could never make up for our mess on our own. Our mess is too big! This is why Jesus came down from heaven himself to help us. He knew we could never make ourselves right on our own, so He came to save us from our sin. Confess your sins to one another and thank God that He forgives us because of Jesus.

See you next week!

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