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Month: October 2017

A Song of Thanksgiving

Big Idea: We are thankful because Jesus died on the cross and rose again to save us from our sins.

Bible Passage: Isaiah 12

This week the kids learnt that Jesus has always been the plan to save God's people. We have been travelling through the Bible since Genesis talking about God's promised Saviour – and lately we've been learning all about Jesus and how he fulfilled all of God's promises. It was good to take a look backwards to the prophet Isaiah, who spoke of Jesus long before He came, and promised hope and salvation for God's people. Today, we can look back and sing praises to God in thankfulness that He always had a plan to save the children he loves. 

Family Activity

Choose a song as a family that you all love to sing. Consider using a song that talks about God's wonderful character -but any song is fine. Every time someone plays the song this week (get creative and surprise each other with the song!) break down and have a 30 second dance party together. Use the 30 seconds to list as many things you are thankful to Jesus for as you can. 

Have a fun week! 

Jesus Ascended to Heaven

Big Idea: Jesus went to Heaven, but He sent His friends His Holy Spirit.

Bible Passage: Acts 1:4-14

This week the kids learnt that after Jesus was resurrected, He spent time with His friends. He had eaten with them and given them a very important mission. Jesus’ friends were back in the city of Jerusalem. Jesus told His friends not to leave the city, but to wait. God was going to send the Holy Spirit. Then something amazing happened! Jesus’ friends saw Jesus go up into the sky! A cloud took Him out of their sight. As the disciples looked into the sky, two men in white clothes stood beside them. The men said, “Why are you staring up into the sky? Jesus has been taken into heaven. One day, He will come back again in the same way.” 

We learnt that even though Jesus went back to heaven, he did not leave His friends alone to fulfill His mission. He sent His Holy Spirit to be with His friends to give them power to share the gospel. He does this for us too – for anyone who trusts Jesus as Lord and Saviour, that His Holy Spirit will dwell in us and never leave us! He gives us the power to share the good news of Jesus with our friends and family.

Family Activity

Go out in the back yard and lie down. Look at the clouds in the sky and see if you can find pictures or shapes in the clouds together. Talk about how Jesus went back to heaven on the clouds, and how even though that seems very far away, we can always be assured that for those that trust in Jesus as Lord and Saviour, His Holy Spirit is with us always, and will never leave. Talk about how great it will be when Jesus comes back, riding on the clouds (Revelation 1:7). Imagine together what it will be like, and celebrate that we can look forward together to the day that King Jesus comes back.

Jesus Gave The Great Commission

Big IdeaKidzone: Jesus has given us the mission of making disciples of all nations.

               Bumblebees:  Jesus wants us to tell everyone everywhere about His love. He loves the whole world.

Bible Passage: Matthew 28:16-20

This week the kids learnt that we have a mission. A co-mission with Jesus to share the good news of Jesus with the whole world. The kids were given maps and pictures of cross-cultural missionaries and learnt stories of just how far Jesus' good news of the gospel has spread. We are called to be a part of this mission, too. To share the good news of Jesus with everyone we meet.

Family Activity

If your family has a sponsor child, or know a missionary family overseas, take this week to pray for them together, and consider using this week to write them a letter together, or an email. Find a map or search on Google Earth where they are. Talk about how great it is that we can spread the good news of Jesus far and wide across the world. 

If your family doesn't have a sponsor child or know of a missionary family, check out these guys. Our church supports, prays for and loves this family! Find their home on a map and pray this week together that Jesus' good news would spread far and wide where they are. 

Have a great week – we'll see you Sunday!


Jesus Forgives and Restores

John 21:1-21

This week the kids heard how Jesus forgave and restored Peter. At the beginning of the story, we find Peter back on a boat at sea, fishing all night with nothing to show for it. But Jesus shows up, performs a miracle (they caught more fish than they could hold in the nets!) and makes him breakfast. Then they go on a walk together and Jesus asks Peter numerous times if he loves him.

Peter had not long ago betrayed Jesus, and probably felt pretty guilty still. But when He sees Jesus standing on the shore, and hears Him call out "Friends!" – Peter is so happy he jumps right out of the boat and swims to Jesus. 

Jesus not only forgives Peter, and makes his friend breakfast, but then takes him on a walk and continues to challenge him. He tells Peter he wants him to follow Him, no matter what. And to take care of His people.

This is what Jesus has done for us, too. He knows we will mess up, and betray Him and fail Him, and yet He still calls us 'friend'. He not only forgives us but he also gives us a mission. He tells each of us, His followers, to take care of others the way He takes care of us. To love one another, and to follow Him always, no matter what. 

We can like Peter, follow Jesus, and love of others just as Jesus has loved us. Jesus is a friend to sinners like us.

Family Activity

Talk about a time you felt so guilty you wanted to run away, or keep it hidden. Peter probably felt sad and guilty that he had betrayed Jesus. Talk about how Jesus called Peter 'friend' even after he had betrayed him, and how good it is that Jesus calls us 'friend' too, even though he knows we will mess up and let him down. Talk about how we can run to Jesus just like Peter did, even when we feel guilty, because we know Jesus loves us no matter how bad we feel.

Do: Go for a walk around the lake. Count the number of fish you can see. Jesus said to Peter that He would make him a 'fisher of men'. Even after Peter messed up and let Him down, Jesus still used him to share His love with others. After you have counted all the fish you see, write that number down. Think of that many people you know who don't follow Jesus, and consider ways you can take care of them and show them Jesus' love. Commit this week to praying for these people as a family, that they would know Jesus' love and follow Him.

Have a great week! See you Sunday.

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