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Month: November 2019

Big Family Sunday

BIg Idea: We are called to be God's big family together.

Bible Passage: Luke 15:3-7, John:1-4

This week we talked about family. We learned that God calls himself our Father, and that all those who turn to trust God as Father and Jesus as Lord are called children of God. We are called 'brothers and sisters' in the family of God and called to love and serve one another as Jesus has loved and served us.

We talked about the story of the Lost Sheep, and how the Shepherd left the 99 to seek out and rescue the one sheep he loved. He carried the sheep all the way home, and when the lost sheep was home, they celebrated with a party. We talked about for those who put their trust in Jesus, it is like 'coming home' to the family of God. We belong to Him, and are safe with Him, and can trust God for all we need. 

Jesus also describes heaven like a house, or a big party, and that one day, all those who trust Him will be with Him to celebrate His victory forever. There is a seat at the party-table of heaven for all the children of God! We then challenged kids to think about who else they could invite to the party. We asked kids to think about someone they could 'make room for at the table'. Making room at our table and helping others belong helps demonstrate the love of God for us.

Family Activity

Over next week or so, design an invitation to a Christmas activity you might do as a family. (Christmas light-looking, carols by candlelight, parades, a special family dinner, or our Christmas Day church service). Then pray and think together who God might be laying on the hearts of your kids, and make an invitation for them to come along with your family. Pray together that you would 'make room at the table' for these people, and that God would use your family to demonstrate His love and bring more people into His Big Family. 

See you next week!

Joshua’s Final Encouragement

Big Idea: We can see all that God has done and choose to serve Him only. 

Bible Passage: Joshua 23 & 24

This week we came to the end of the book of Joshua. Joshua at this stage is a very old man, and he gives one final speech to the assembled people of God. He reflects over the whole story of God's faithfulness to the people, starting right back at Abraham, and all the way up until their recent victories in the Promised Land. He proves that God always keeps His promises, and shows the people how faithful He has been. He then challenges all of Israel to reflect on who they serve, and commit to serving only God always. 

"Now fear the Lord and serve him with all faithfulness." 24:14

This is likewise the same for us – we can read the Scripture and see all that our Mighty God has done for us in forgiving us of our sins because of Jesus. We too, can see all these things and commit to serving Him with all faithfulness.

Family Activity

Praise God that we can come together and know His great and mighty acts by reading them in His word. Joshua commends the people to keep their commitment and places a rock near an oak tree. This week, find a special spot in your garden under a tree to take a knee together, and pray a prayer of commitment that God would help your family to follow and serve Him only. Repent together of the times you've gotten it wrong, and celebrate with stories of the times God has been faithful to your family. Then thank Him for His forgiveness and commit together to following Him as a household and encourage one another. 

See you next week!

The Day the Sun Stood Still

Big Idea: Nothing is impossible for our God.

Bible Passage: Joshua 9-10

This week we learned about an incredible miracle that our God did for Joshua and the Israelites. A miracle is something that only God can do. Even though Joshua made a mistake and did not consult Him, God still showed mercy to His people and gave them victory in battle. When Joshua called out for the sun to stand still in the sky, God stopped the sun and gave the Israelites daylight until the battle was won. Our God is unstoppable and almighty. We can trust Him to work miracles to acheive His purposes, which He promises are always for our good.

Family Activity

This week, depending on your family schedule, aim to watch one sunrise or sunset together. As you do, imagine together what you could do with a whole day of daylight. Remind children who made the sun, the moon and all the stars, and talk about how big and amazing they are – and how they point to how big and amazing our God is. Ask children what they would ask God for if He could give them anything. Encourage children to think deeply about problems they see in the world, and what they would ask God to fix. Then remind children that God can and will restore all things for good, and that He asks us to be a part of the restoration for the world. Help children pray prayers asking for these miracles (things that only God can do) so that many will come to know His greatness. Remind children that even when they forget to consult or talk to God (like Joshua did) that God is merciful and forgives us and still calls us to be a part of what He is doing in the world. We can ask God for these things knowing that God already performed the greatest miracle for us, in raising Jesus from the dead and forgiving the sins of His people. Praise our almighty God!

The Battle of Ai

Bible Passage: Joshua 8

Big Idea: We come together and celebrate God's victory over sin and death because of Jesus!

This week we learned that God gave Joshua and the Israelites victory over the battle of Ai. The people honoured God for their victory and gave Him glory for the battle. Afterwards, the people gathered together, "The foreigners, and those who were native born there….and the women and children," and worshipped God. They brought offerings, sacrifices and read the book of the Law that Moses gave to the people. There in front of Mt Gerazin and Mt Ebal, the people celebrated God and the victory He gave them, and they promised to obey and be like Him.

We too, come together to celebrate the victory that God has given us. When the people of God gather as the church, we also bring our offerings and worship Him together. We celebrate the victory God has given us through Jesus over sin and death. We likewise, hear from His word and commit to obeying and be like Him. Our gatherings are to celebrate Jesus and the victory we share in Him. Consider baking a cake or some other yummy food to celebrate together our victory in Jesus!

Family Activity

Use this week to hold a 'family gathering' and ask children how they feel about going to church gatherings on Sundays. What are some of the things they enjoy? What are some things they find hard? Talk about the importance of joining together with God's people to hear from Him, and worship Him together, and commit together to be more like Him. Think about how you can do this together in your home as a family. How can you worship/celebrate God together each week? (Prayers, meals, family walks, singing together in the car, holidays, Christmas, birthdays)  What offerings do you bring Him? (Our money, our time, our gifts and talents) When do you gather around or read His word and talk about how to be more like Jesus? Gathering is an important aspect of our faith so that we can grow together to serve one another and be more like Jesus!

See you next week!

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