Kids Ministry as Forest Lake

Month: March 2018

Paul Preached in Europe

Big Idea

Kids: Jesus is the one true God & we can know Him as our friend.

Bumblebees: Jesus loves us wherever we go.

Bible Passage: Acts 17:16-34

This week the kids learned that Paul went to Athens and continued to tell people the good news of Jesus. Noticing the statues & idols the people worshipped in Athens, Paul talked to people about Jesus, the one true God. He saw an idol in Athens 'To an Unknown god'. Paul told the people that our God doesn't live in temples, He made the whole earth! He isn't made by human hands, He made us, and doesn't need anything from us! And he isn't far away & unknown like the gods the people in Athens worshipped – he is KNOWN to us because of Jesus.

Our Jesus is God himself, who came down from Heaven and rescued us from sin so that we could know Him as our friend.

We talked about how you can get to know someone. How can we get to know someone we love? We spend time with them! We can get to know Jesus as our friend and Lord when we spend time with Him- reading His word, talking to Him in prayer and talking about Him with others who love Him.

Family Activity

How well do you know one another? Have your family members take turns to cover their eyes and describe other members of the family. Ask, "What colour eyes does Mummy/Daddy/Sister/Brother have? What is their hair like? Curly? Straight? etc. Quiz eachother on favourite colours, foods, TV shows, books and things to do. Talk about how you know each other as a family. You spend time talking, listening and being with one another. How can you as a family spend more time with Jesus and get to know Him? 

Paul’s Second Journey

Big Ideas: 

Kidzone: Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved. 

Bumblebees: Jesus loves everyone.

Bible Passage: Acts16:11-34

This week the kids learnt that Paul and Silas took the message of the gospel – the Good News of Jesus – to many more people on their journey. They were arrested and put in jail, and even there they sang God's praises for how great Jesus is. We learnt that sometimes it can be hard to share the gospel – the good news of Jesus – with others. But our God promises that He will be with us, because He wants all people to have the hope we have in Jesus. Paul and Silas told people, "Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved!"

Family Activity

This week, to read the Bible story together, consider building a 'jail' together. Throw a blanket over some chairs or a table and sit underneath it together in the dark, with the lights off, and read the Bible with a torch or small light. Talk about how Paul and Silas would have felt inside the jail, alone and uncertain of their future. How would you have felt sitting in the jail? Why do you think they sang songs of praise to God there? When is it easy to praise God? When is it difficult? Sing together a song of praise in your jail, assuring your children that even in the darkest or most difficult times, just like with Paul and Silas, God is with us and will never leave us. 

See you Sunday!




The Message: Christ Alone

Big Idea: Jesus is the only one who can save us.

Bible Passage: Acts 15:1-35

This week the kids learnt that some of the people in the church were wanting the Gentiles to follow some of the Jewish laws in order to be saved. The church leaders decided to meet together and discuss this. Peter stood up and said, "They heard the good news, and they believed. God accepted them and gave them the Holy Spirit, just as He did for us." He said they were all saved by God's grace, through faith. 

We discussed how we too, can only be saved by believing in Jesus. Being a good kid, being nice to people, and even reading the Bible and going to church doesn't save us, or make us good enough to be friends with a Holy God. But God knew that we could never save ourselves from our sin, so He sent Jesus to be our substitute  – to take the punishment we deserve for our sin. He made the payment so that we don't have to. Jesus and Jesus alone saves us from our sin.

This week, we gave kids the opportunity to give their lives to Jesus. We talked about A, B, C. 

Admit – We admit we are sinners, and we can't fix our sin problem on our own. We need to say sorry and be forgiven by our Holy God who loves us.

Believe – We believe Jesus is King, and Saviour, over the whole world, and that His sacrifice on the cross paid for our sins, and that He was raised from the dead.

Choose – We choose to live for Jesus as Lord and Saviour for our whole lives, knowing He gives us a new life, life with His Holy Spirit as our friend to help us be more like Jesus, and tell others about His love.

We are praying for you as you continue to pray through this big week. If you would like more help on how to discuss the gospel together, follow this link for a helpful tool with Bible verses to read together: CLICK HERE.

Family Activity

Ask your kids, "Who saves us? Can we save ourselves? Why/Why not?" Talk about how because God is Holy and perfect, we can never be 'good' enough to save ourselves. That's why God sent Jesus to pay the price of sin for us.

Look together at the gospel PDF from the link above. See if you can memorise any of the memory verses this week. Tell your kids the story of how you came to give your life to Jesus, and what is different now. Talk about how Jesus has changed your life, and ask your kids how they might be different when they give their lives to Jesus too. 

See you Sunday!



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