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Month: March 2017

Where are we?

Hey families,

If you are wondering where we are up to in the Bible, this post is for you! 

As most of you know, we have been making our way through the Bible chronologically, using The Gospel Project for Kids. (You can check it out here: So far, we have made it to Jesus' earthly ministry. In Term 2, we will pick up where we left off at Easter, with the lesson 'Jesus has Power to Provide'. Here's how you can access the lessons, the family devotions, bible stories and more for this unit:

1. Download the Gospel Project for Kids app, following this link for iTunes // and this link for Android //

2. Go to 'Store' and swipe across until you find the unit called 'Power and Parables'.

3. Download 'Power and Parables' (via wifi!) on whatever device you are using (iPhone, iPad, Samsung etc)

4. Our first week back in Term 2 will be 'Session 2' under the heading Jesus Is Powerful.  

Feel free to get a head start and watch the Bible story videos, play the activities and talk about it ready for the first week back, April 23rd. 

See you Sunday!


This week the kids will be finishing off the term with our lesson centering around the Easter story. 

The BIG IDEA is: 

For Kidzone: Jesus gives us new life when we repent and turn to Him. 

For Bumblebees: Jesus gives us new life.

Our Bible Passage to read is Acts 2:22-24 & 37-39.

We have spent a lot of time this term talking about how when Jesus came to earth, He showed us what God is like, and how to follow Him. We've talked about many amazing things that Jesus did and said. But the best thing that Jesus said, was that when we put our trust in Him, we can have a new life. This week, we talk about why we can have this free gift of new life. We are going to talk about how Jesus took the punishment for our sin when He died on the cross and how we can have hope in Jesus when we repent from our sin and turn to Him. That we can know that He is who He says He is because he was raised from the dead. What a celebration! Check out this video on youtube that we will be watching together on Sunday.

God's Story: Easter Video

Family Journal Activity

Over the holidays, take a trip to a local store. Go to the department with Easter supplies and invite each family member to search for items that connect people to the real Easter message, or theme of 'new life'. List any items you found. Talk about how easy it is to get distracted from the true story of Easter. 

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