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How to Help Kids Remember What Matters

Happy back-to-school week! 

As your family dives back into routine, here's some encouragement about repitition and why it matters. 

How to Help Kids Remember What Matters

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There’s a retired lab technician named EP, who in the book Moonwalking with Einstein, is referred to as “the most forgetful man in the world.” EP suffered from one of the most severe cases of amnesia ever documented; his memory extended back only as far as his most recent thought. Questions like, “What did you have for dinner” or “Who is the President?” were lost on him. In fact, his amnesia was so bad that when asked about the reflection he saw in the tinted windows of a car he passed by, he responds, “An old man . . . that is all.”

There’s something interesting about this story, however. EP regularly went on walks around his neighborhood, and despite not being able to remember his own house or the streets in his neighborhood, he’d take the exact same route every time. He couldn’t write down his own address, recognize his neighbors, or even tell you what he was doing—but he repeated the same route and unknowingly found himself returning home every time.

Sometimes there are things that we work hard to learn. We take notes, study, memorize, highlight, and do whatever we can to cram as much information into our heads. We study for the test only to later find out what we managed to remember (or forget).

Other times we remember things that we didn’t even know we ever learned. When’s the last time your teenager had to recall the mechanics of bike riding before hoping on a bike? When’s the last time your toddler had to search the depths of his memory to know what folder you keep his apps in? Or the last time your third-grader had to concentrate at what makes a circle a circle?

Repeat the things that matter the most. 

As leaders and parents, the most valuable set of memories we can create for children are the unconscious memories of a God who loves them. They are the memories they know, but that they don’t realize they are learning. These are the memories that don’t fade even when memories start to fade.

Whether it be in the repletion of a core truth like, “Jesus wants to be my friend forever,” the weekly reminder of a small group leader, “I’m here for you,” or the lyrics on repeat from camp, “Your love never fails, never gives up.”

Repetition creates memories that last.

This isn’t a new idea in the church. There’s a reason that many people who’ve forgotten most other things still remember the hymns they learned growing up. The things we repeat the most, we will remember the longest.

Help others repeat the same things that matter the most. 

When my son started Kindergarten, my wife and I were more nervous than he was. The moment I was about to say goodbye, I had a moment when I remembered the Parent Cue video we watched the night before. So, in the midst of the chaos of parents hanging up backpacks and saying their goodbyes, I whispered in his ear before leaving him alone (so I thought), “Who is always with you?”

And with a big smile he repeated back to me, “God is always with me.”

Without even thinking, because of some bedtime conversations, great teachers at church, and being cued into a simple phrase to remember, we were both reminded of what mattered the most. He wouldn’t be alone in school, He’d never be alone.

And the moment that happens, repetition can move from monthly to weekly to daily. And God’s love can be the thing that your kids know without even knowing they’ve memorized it. It can become the song that gets stuck in their head on a busy day, the prayer they repeat when falling asleep, or even the lullaby that they share with their own kids someday.

Repeat the things that matter the most because it is what you want people to remember the most.

Blessing of our Families for 2018

Hey families,

Yesterday we commissioned & blessed the families of our church for 2018. We modelled this time of prayer and blessing for one another on traditional prayers of blessing used by Jewish families at Shabbat. If you'd like to read more about the tradition, you can do so, and watch a helpful video here:

My Jewish Learning – Blessing the Children

We used the time to pray first over our kids, with the prayer from Numbers 6:24-26, then prayed specific things over each child, mentioning their gifts and our hopes for them this year. Then we did the same, asking husbands to pray over their wives, thanking God for them and again praying our hopes for them in 2018. Then, the whole family prayed over their dads & husbands. 

Finally, we used the candle tradition a little differently. Each household was given a tea light candle, and asked to think of someone, or another family that God could bring to your table this year. We talked about how each time your family sits around the dinner table, we can light the candle and pray that God would extend His family to this person/family, and that your family would be able to serve and care for them.

We pray that this has been meaningful to your family this year, and encourage you to use this model of family prayer and blessing as often as you can – be it weekly, monthly or whenever you'd like. Here's the prayer from Numbers again, just in case you need it – 

"May the Lord bless you and protect you; may the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; may the Lord look with favor on you and give you peace." 

Have a great week!


School Holidays!

Hey families,

Term 3 has come to an end! For the next few weeks, the kids will join us in big-church during the service. We will resume Kidzone & Bumblebees on October 8th.

In the meantime, a few things you should know:

  • We don't mind if your kids make noise, in fact, we welcome you & their noise. It reminds us that we really are one big family. We love being all together during the holidays!
  • The services will be shorter, we'll keep them to about an hour – we know your kids are in with you!
  • The nursing room will still be open for feeding mamas, and the live-stream will continue. 
  • There will also be toys & a toddler play area in the same room, up the other end of the feeding room. You're welcome to use this if you'd rather hang out in there.
  • There will be work sheets & activity books for kids to use during our services based on what they've been learning during the term at Kidzone & Bumblebees if they'd like to do them.
  • We will do our best to make our services family friendly, so that you can worship God together & talk about what you hear with your kids.

If you have any questions about the school holidays, Kidzone, Bumblebees or the Nursing room, please chat to one of our pastors, or Sally Contessi. We would love to hear from you!

See you Sunday!

Where are we?

Hey families,

If you are wondering where we are up to in the Bible, this post is for you! 

As most of you know, we have been making our way through the Bible chronologically, using The Gospel Project for Kids. (You can check it out here: So far, we have made it to Jesus' earthly ministry. In Term 2, we will pick up where we left off at Easter, with the lesson 'Jesus has Power to Provide'. Here's how you can access the lessons, the family devotions, bible stories and more for this unit:

1. Download the Gospel Project for Kids app, following this link for iTunes // and this link for Android //

2. Go to 'Store' and swipe across until you find the unit called 'Power and Parables'.

3. Download 'Power and Parables' (via wifi!) on whatever device you are using (iPhone, iPad, Samsung etc)

4. Our first week back in Term 2 will be 'Session 2' under the heading Jesus Is Powerful.  

Feel free to get a head start and watch the Bible story videos, play the activities and talk about it ready for the first week back, April 23rd. 

See you Sunday!

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