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Sunday Service Activities: Sunday 31st May

Hi families, 

Here are the activities for our kids as we look at the next verse together in the Lord's Prayer. 

"Give us today our daily bread." Matthew 6:11



Colour in both sides of the bread and glue them together. Then pole a hole in the top and thread through ribbon or string to hang up.


Daily Bread Activity

Draw a large circle on a piece of paper to be your 'dinner plate'. Then cut out the food from the downloadable acitvity and colour in whichever foods you like. Cut them out and stick them on, along with the provided prayer as a reminder to say thank you to God for all the things He gives us.

From Emma, Lois & the kids ministry team of FLBC.


Sunday Service Activities: 24th May

Hi families,

Here's the activity ideas for the kids to do as they join in our service on Sunday, where we will look at the Lord's prayer again together. This week we will be focusing on 'On Earth as it is in Heaven', looking at a global missional perspective.


Download and print world map. Then colour the countries of the world in using lots of different colours. This week, use the world map for your prayer activities that will be posted. Start today by choosing a colour, and praying for God's blessing over all the countries children have coloured in that colour.

World Map


Download and print the activity prepared by Lois, our Bumblebees leader. 

Around the World activity

Have a great week!

Sunday Service Activities: 17th May

Hey families – 

Here are the activity ideas for the kids to do as part of our Sunday service this week on the Lord's Prayer.

For younger children: prayer hands

Kids can colour in the hands and decorate them. Then on each finger, they can write the name of someone they could be praying for, this could be a friend or family member. They don't all have to be full, because God is always moving in our lives and we're always meeting new people we could be praying for. 

Alternatively, If the kids don't want to use the template fold a piece of paper in half and draw around their hands ensuring the thumb is on the fold line.

For older children:


Cut out the prayer dice and decorate it, then fold and glue edges together. Use as a family or for children to prompt who they can be praying for in their community.

See you soon!

Mother’s Day Gift

Download this beautiful artwork on Psalm 46, by our Molly here:

Mother’s Day Print

Love from the FLBC family x

Sunday Service Activities: Mother’s Day

Hey families,

This week is a special Mother's Day service, so here's some simple activity ideas for our kids to do as they take part in the service this week.

Trace around children's hands on coloured paper and cut out "flower hands".  Allow children to decorate "flower hands" as they wish. Then, stick flower hands to paddle pop sticks, and colour them in green. Alternatively, stick flower hands to paper and create a garden collage. Draw and cut as many flowers as children would like, and present to Mum (or whoever!) as a bunch of beautiful flowers.

Here's some printable worksheets to do:



Have a great week, and happy Mother's Day!

Sunday Service Activities: 3rd May

Hi families,

Here are the activities for our kids to do as part of our service on Sunday. We're looking at the next part of the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6 together: "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done."

Here's and idea for the Kidzone kids (The words say:God makes earth more like heaven when we live with Jesus as our King):

And some instructions on how to make it:

And here's an activity for the Bumblebees:

Heaven Activity

As usual, there will be a special leader (or maybe a few!) for our kids' spot this week, so keep an eye out 🙂

Have a great week,

Emma, Lois & Sally and the FLBC Kids team. 

Sunday 26th April – Service Activities

Hey families,

Here's some activities for kids to do as part of our streamed service on Sunday. This week we start a new series on the Lord's Prayer. This week we will look at the first line of the prayer that Jesus teaches in Matthew 6. We'll look at how amazing it is that we can call the King of the whole universe, "Father", because Jesus made a way for us to be part of God's family.

This week, the activity options are:

Prayer Hands

Fold a piece of paper in half and trace around child's hand (with fingers closed). Make sure their thumb touches the fold-side of the paper. Cut out the template as shown above. Allow children to decorate the hands, and write names of God on the hands that describe how He is our Father. Eg. "Father, Dad, Daddy, provider, protector, strong, He carries us etc).

Jesus Superhero Badge

The reason we can call God our "Heavenly Father" is because Jesus made a way for us to be called children of God. Here is a superhero template for us to remember we can call God "Father" because of what Jesus has done for us. Print this template off and decorate it however you like. 

Superhero template

Have fun! 

Sally, Ceri, Emma and the whole kids ministry team of FLBC.

Sunday 19th April Service Activities

Hi families,

Here's the activities for this Sunday's service. We'll be talking about God's grace and goodness in welcoming us to be a part of His kingdom. 

For the Kidzone kids, we have a 'Passport to God's Kingdom' to decorate, 


And for the Bumblebees, a world template to print. Trace around children's hands as if they are holding the world, to demonstrate God holding the whole world (His Kingdom and us) in His hands. He is in control of all things!


From Miss Ceri, Miss Emma & the kids ministry team.

Easter Service Activities

Hi families, here are some acitvities for your kids to do as they take part in our services over Easter.

Good Friday

For this craft, you will need:

  • A blank (can be coloured) piece of paper,
  • Coloured pencils or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue, and


Draw a cross on your blank piece of paper, and with coloured pens and markers, have children write or draw things they need forgiveness for onto the cross. They can be simple words (eg. 'being mean', 'unkind words') or detailed confessions- whatever children choose. Then, cut out and place the Jesus template (or draw your own) over the words, drawings and confessions. Say to children, "On Good Friday we celebrate the sacrifice that Jesus made, and that His blood covers our sins so we can be called God's children."

We encourage you to discuss the things your children have written or drawn on the cross, and bring these things to God in prayer during communion, or as a family afterwards.

Easter Sunday

Here is a simple craft to celebrate new life for children to do during our Easter Sunday service. 

You will need:

  • Coloured pencils or markers,
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Decorative stick ons, sequins or stickers (optional), and


Here's how you can use this printable: 

Consider writing "We celebrate Easter because we have new life in Jesus!" and use this as a 'Happy Easter' card to give to neighbours or to stick in your window. 

Also – here are some of our family devotion weekly worksheets that you can use during the week to talk about the Easter story:

Preschool Activity Pages

Younger Children Activity Pages

Older Children Activity Pages

Happy Easter!

Love from Emma, and the kids minstry team.




Sunday 5th April – Psalm 23

Hey families – here's the activities to download for this Sunday as we look at Psalm 23 together.



For the craft, you will need scissors, glue and cotton wool balls. A leader will show you what it should look like during the service. 🙂

❤️ From Miss Emma 

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