Big Idea: Jesus is the Name above all Names, our great Rescuer.

Bible Passage: Isaiah 9:6-7

Parent Prep: A name is an important part of a person's identity. Parents go to great trouble to try and name their child something that will be meaningful, well-liked and suitable for their child. Sometimes, names are chosen in hope for what a child will be known for in this life. In Isaiah 9 we read of the 'Names of Jesus'. He is called many things in Scripture, and all give us insight into the identity of our Saviour.  In this passage, written hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, we are given insight into who our Saviour would be, and what He would be known for: Wonderful, Counselor (ruler), Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace. We know now, looking at Jesus, that our God is all these things for us. It is beautiful to take time during this Christmas season to look at the names Jesus is given, and to reflect on and celebrate the meaning of these names – these things that He is for us. 

Read: Isaiah 9:6

Talk: In this passage, our Rescuer is described using many names. Read them out together again. He is known by these names, because these are the things He will be known for, and that we worship Him for.

1. The Rescuer will come as a baby. Our great powerful God and Creator decided to come to earth as a tiny, helpless baby! 

2. He is truly wonderful. It is a wonder, how a God of forever becomes a human.

3. He is our great Counselor. That word means 'ruler' or king. The boss. We worship Jesus because He has all wisdom and knowledge and is the boss. The Bible calls Him our 'King of Kings, Lord of Lords.'

4. Mighty God. He is the one who beat sin and death forever! The only one who could save us. 

5. Everlasting Father: or the 'father of forever'. He is one with the Father. The one who wrote the story and created the children He saved. Jesus was fully man, and fully God!

6. Our 'Prince of Peace'. He is the one who brought us peace with God. Sin breaks our relationship with God, but Jesus restores or 'makes it right' again so we can have peace with God and know His calm, still, confidence in all things.


What are some other names of Jesus that you know from Scripture or from songs we sing? What are some of the things Jesus has done for you? If you had to make a list of names to describe what you were known for, what would people call you?


Tell your children the story of how their names were chosen, who they may be named after, or why you chose the name you have for them. Remind them of their name's significance, and what you hope they will be known for. Then, together, look up on a search engine the name of 'Jesus', or read this definition of His name's meaning below:

The name Jesus comes from the Hebrew name Yeshua/Y'shua, which is based on the Hebrew meaning, "to deliver; to rescue." The name Joshua is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "the Lord is my salvation". The name Joshua shares origins with the name Jesus, which comes from the Aramaic name, 'Yeshu'a'. 

Jesus' name literally means, 'Our Rescuer.' Praise God together that He made a way for us to be rescued from sin and death. Remind children that this is why we celebrate Christmas. Our great Rescuer came to save us. Jesus, the Name above all Names.

Have a great week!