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Month: February 2019

Sin Entered the World

Big Idea: Our God what we couldn't to make up for us doing what we shouldn't.

Bible Passage: Genesis 3

This week we called 'sad week'. We learned how God's children chose to disobey God, abandoned His love for them, and chose to sin. They broke the perfect togetherness they had with God, and then everything was different. Sin had entered the world. Adam and Eve ate from the one tree God had said was off limits, because they listened to the serpent instead of to God. So God sent His children out of the perfect garden, and they didn't have perfect togetherness with God, or with each other, or with creation anymore. But, God had a plan. He would restore the perfect togetherness He had with His children. God sent Jesus, who was the sacrifice for our sin and died to pay the penalty for our brokenness so that we could be called children of God. "Our God did what we couldn't, to make up for us doing what we shouldn't. He kicked His children out of the garden, and then did whatever it took to bring us back again." – The Biggest Story.

Family Activity

List the rules in your household. Talk about the ones the children don't like. Talk about how the rules in your household are for our good and our joy. This is the same with God's rules. Go on a walk together as a family, or as you drive, point out ways sin has affected the world. Notice overgrown or dead plants, litter, buildings in need of repair and so forth. Talk about how because of Jesus, one day we can once again have perfect togetherness with God forever – even though we don't deserve it, because of our sin. Thank God for making a way for us to be called His children.



God Created People

Big Idea: God created us to be like Him, in perfect togetherness forever.

Bible Passage: Genesis 2

This week we talked about how God created people. He made the man from dust, and created Eve from Adam's side. God made His children to be like Him, "in His image". He loves His children more than all of the rest of creation. God is our loving Creator and King. He made us to be in perfect togetherness, without shame or guilt or sin – with Himself, with each other and with creation – forever and ever. How wonderful to be called His beloved children!

We know that our world now is not perfect, and is broken because of our sin. It is only because of Jesus and His sacrifice for our sin that we can be called God's children. We can now look forward to perfect togetherness forever in eternity with Him.

Family Activity

Hold a 'funny face' contest. Take turns with your family around the table making the silliest faces you can. Then  see who can match each silly face. Discuss ways we can 'match' or 'be like' God. What are ways we cannot be like Him?

Ask children, "How are we like God?" "How are we different to God?" "What does it mean to be "made in the image" of God?" "If everyone is made in God's image, how should we treat them?"

Pray together and thank God for making a way for us to be in perfect togetherness forever with Him because of Jesus. 

God Made the World

Big Idea: Our perfect God made a home for His children.

Bible Passage: Genesis 1

Our first week back! This week we started the whole Bible – God's Big Story- right from the very beginning!

We talked about how in the very beginning, there was nothing, but God was there. God is holy and perfect and forever, and three in one. Father, Spirit & Son. And God, in His perfect holiness and love, spoke everything into existence. He spoke, and it was made – the whole entire universe. And it was beautiful. 

God was making a home for His children. And everything God created – all the stars, the skies, the clouds, the mountains, the trees- was all for His glory, so that His children would know how marvellous and loving He is. God made a beautiful home for His children. He made a special garden called Eden, and he put His children in the beautiful garden, and He was with them there. 

It was very good. That's what God said. It was perfect. And God did it all, just because. Just because He is God, and just because He wanted to share His glory and love with His children. 

In Colossians 1:16, we read this: "For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him." This verse is talking about Jesus, and it tells us that everything in the whole world points to Him, and that He is King over everything.

Family Activity

Read Genesis 1 when you are all together. As you go about your week, make a game of pointing out parts of creation that you can see. (Trees, clouds, stars, water, fish, birds, animals, sun, moon, people) Everytime someone in your family calls out "God made that!" Other members of your family call out which day of creation God created whatever you can see. (Eg. "God created the stars and moon!" "Day 4!") Each time you point something out, remind children that God created all these things to remind us how great He is and how much He loves us. Talk about how God made all of creation to point to His glory and as a beautiful home for His children.

Together, you can pray, "Thank you Jesus for creating all these things so that we could know how wonderful you are." 

See you next week!


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