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Month: May 2018

Paul’s Letters to Church Leaders

Big Idea: Leaders in the church serve others by example, just as Jesus did.

Bible Passage: 1 Timothy 4:11-16, 2 Timothy 4:1-8, Titus 2:11-14

This week the kids learned that Paul wrote letters to church leaders; Titus and Timothy. He wrote to encourage them to keep on living lives of holiness- lives that are centered not on worldly things, but on living as Jesus instructed. He encouraged them that leaders in the church live by example, and encourage others to do the same. He reminded Timothy not to let others look down on him because he was young, but to set an example for other believers.

We talked about how we too, are called to live as Jesus instructs, and that He is our perfect example of how to be servant-hearted. We talked about how we may not be leaders in the church, but we are all called to live by example, that we can point others to Jesus by how we live and act in love. Good leaders in God's family live by example and serve others as Jesus did.

Family Activity

This week, around the dinner table, or in the car, play a game of "follow the leader". Have one child be the 'leader' and do an action, that all other members have to follow. Talk about how this is what is meant by "lead by example" – that when others see our actions in following Jesus, they can follow our example. 

An extra activity – for parents and older children: when you see eachother setting an example of love or service in your home this week, write a letter or quick note of encouragement, just like Paul did, reminding Timothy that even though He is young, he can be an example of Christ's love to others. Marking this moment for them will help them see that you notice their actions and their example.

See you Sunday!

Love One Another

Big Idea: John wrote that Christians should love one another as Jesus loves us.

Bible Passage: 1 John 3:10-18

This week the kids learned about L-O-V-E. We learned that love is more than a feeling. John, one of Jesus' best friends, who spent time with Jesus while He was here on earth, wrote that Christians demonstrate our love for Jesus best when we love and serve each other. He asked, "If someone has enough to help, but turns away and does nothing, does that person really know God's love?" People who are God's children live differently to others. Our friends and family will know we are Christians because of the way we love one another. We must not just talk about loving others, but we must love them with our actions as well. 

Family Activity

Discuss the saying, 'actions speak louder than words.' Jesus didn't just tell us He loves us, He demonstrated His ultimate love for us by giving His life for us on the cross. Our actions are powerful. How do we demonstrate our love for others? 

Play a game of charades. Only actions can be used. Try and act out the following words and talk about how these words must be demonstrated and not just talked about if we are trying to love others in our lives.

  • Hug
  • Share
  • Give
  • Comfort

Then come up with some other actions that are unique to your family and how you share love with one another. Ask the kids to tell you some examples to write down, by asking when they feel most loved. For example,

  • When you read stories to them at bed time
  • When you kiss them on the head
  • When you share your special things with them
  • When you let them pray for you
  • When you play with them outside 

Write them down, and then play charades with those actions too, and have family members act them out while the rest try and guess which one you are doing. Celebrate that you can love each other, just as Jesus loves us.

Have a great week! See you Sunday 🙂

The Church Showed Favouritism

Big Idea: Jesus loves us as we are, and shows no favouritism. We should show the same love to others.

Bible Passage: James 2:1-13

This week the kids learned about how James told the Christians not to show favouritism. He told a story of a rich man and a poor man. He said that if a rich man with fancy clothes, and a poor man in rags both come into the church, we shouldn't treat one more special than the other. He said we should treat them equally with kindness, as God has treated us. He loves us without showing favourites, it has nothing to do with how good we look or what we're good at. God has a place in His family for everyone who loves Him. 

James said that Christians should treat others with kindness and mercy no matter what they are like, just as God has done for us.

Family Activity 

This week, go out for ice cream, or buy a tub with multiple flavours. Enjoy your ice creams togther, and while you eat them, talk about why it is okay to have favourite ice cream flavours, but not ok to show favouritism among other people. That is, treating people better than others because we think they deserve it, and others don't. We are loved equally by Jesus, and can show His love to others by treating others with kindess, whether they deserve it or not. 

Enjoy your time together!

See you Sunday.

The Church Was Divided

Big Idea: We (the church) are united together because of Jesus Christ.

Bible Passage: 1 Corinthianians 1:10-31

This week the kids learnt that Christians, because of Jesus, should be united together, not divided. The church in Corinth was fighting among themselves – arguing over who to follow, and boasting about who was the best – Paul, Apollos, Peter or Jesus.

Paul wrote in his letter that it is Jesus that unites us. It is only through Jesus that we are saved, only Jesus is God from heaven, only Jesus died on the cross to take away the sin of the world, and only Jesus rose again from death, defeating sin and death forever. Paul told the Corinthians that if they were going to boast about anyone, they should all boast about Jesus Christ – because He showed us how to love one another. By serving and loving eachother more than we love ourselves. It is Jesus who keeps us fighting for the same thing; it is Jesus' love that unites us.

We talked about how teams must be united if they want to win. We talked about the Avengers, and how they can only defeat evil when they are united- and they could never win if they fought amongst themselves – if the Hulk tried to beat Ironman, or if Spiderman tried to fight Captain America. They needed to be united, not divided in order to win. 

It is the same with us as Christians – we must serve one another and be united in our love if we want to demonstrate Jesus to the world. We asked the question, "Will people want to come join our team, or belong to our family, or come to our church if all they see is us fighting all the time?" They will want to join our team, belong to our family, and come to our churches when they see the love of Jesus demonstrated. John 13:35, "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

Family Activity

Your family is a team. Talk about how a team must work together and be united in order to win. On some paper – or even on some blank t-shirts if you're feeling extra creative – Design a family jersey with your family name on the back. Use yor favourite colours, designs and ideas that represent your family. Consider coming up with a family slogan that you can say together and use to remind each other of your team culture. 

Eg. Team 'Smith' – "Our team work makes the dream work." or, "We press on as we press in", or "There’s no traffic on the extra mile," or "We take the high road," – try to think of something unique to your family culture. 

Have a great week!

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