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Month: September 2018

Paul Gave Hope

Big Idea: We can stand firm and put our hope in Jesus in all things

Bible Passage: 1Thessalonians 4-5

This week we talked about our future hope in Jesus. Paul wrote a letter from prison to his friends in Thessalonica. Paul and his friends had visited Thessalonica and had started a church there. Since being in prison Paul had heard they were being persecuted for their faith in Jesus, so he wrote them a letter of encouragement. He told them how to live as God's people and to stand firm in their faith with the hope in Jesus. Paul talked about how his friends can look forward to the day that Jesus comes back (riding on the clouds!) and takes all those who trust Him to be with Him forever in a new, perfect world.

 We talked about how when we are struggling to follow Jesus or are suffering bad times, we can stand firm and hold on to our hope in Jesus because He never fails. He promises that one day He will come back and take us to be with him forever, and all things will be perfect- with no sadness, hurt, sickness or death! 

Family Activity

Reminders of hope: This week we talked about what it would look like for Jesus to come riding on the clouds, and what that day will be like for those that follow Jesus. Go outside and lay on the grass as a family and look up at the clouds. Talk about the shapes and sizes and which cloud  you think Jesus would choose to ride on. Ask the children to tell you what it will be like to see Jesus face to face for the first time. Remind children that when they are hurting or struggling, they can look to the clouds and be reminded of their forever hope in Jesus and His promise to make all things right.

Talk to Jesus together as you look at the clouds and tell Him things you love about Him. 

Have a great week!

Please note- as we are on school holidays now, Kidzone and Bumblebees will resume October 14th. 



Big Idea: We can forgive and welcome others into God's family just as Jesus has done for us.

Bible Passage: Philemon 1:8-22

This week the kids learnt that Paul sent another letter from prison. He wrote to his friend Philemon. While in prison, Paul had become friends with a man called Onesimus. Onesimus had been a servant to Philemon, but had run away. After meeting Paul in Rome, Onesimus because a Christian, and Paul encouraged Onesimus to go home to Philemon and put things right between them, as Jesus would have us have peace with our brothers and sisters.

Paul writes a letter encouraging Philemon to forgive Onesimus, and to welcome him, not as a slave, but as a 'brother' in Christ. He tells Philemon that if Onesimus owes him any money, that Paul will pay his debt. We talked about how Paul asked this of his friend he loved him and knew Philemon was a Christian, and so wanted him to be like Jesus.

Jesus forgives our sin, even though we don't deserve it, has paid our debt that we could not pay, and Jesus welcomes us into God's family as brothers and sisters too. Those who wish to follow Jesus should do this for others. 

We talked about how it is hard to be like Jesus. It is tough to forgive others, especically those who hurt us. It is hard to love those who are unkind, and it is difficult to welcome difficult people. But we can trust that though it is difficult, it is worth it. Jesus died for us, and He loves us, and this is what spurs us on to love even when it is hard work.

Family Activity

At family dinner, have one person serve everyone as if they are a servant. Talk about the difference in how you treat servants and those who are family. Read John 15:15 together, and thank Jesus for making it so that we can be in God's family as brothers and sisters, not as slaves.

Paul Made Much of Jesus

Big Idea: Jesus is better than anyone or anything, so we can worship Him together.

Bible Passage: Colossians 1:15-2:3

On Sunday the children heard more about the letters of Paul. They learned that Paul wrote a letter from prison to the Christians living in Colossae, telling them about the joy he had in Jesus, even in prison. He told them about Jesus and said that Jesus was better than anything else or anyone else the people could give their lives to. He told them 3 things about Jesus:

1. Paul said that Jesus is the image of the invisible God. If we want to know what God is like, we can look at the life of Jesus and know Him.

2. Jesus made all things and holds them together. Jesus is creator of the world and all things were made by and through and for Him – and He holds our universe together!

3. Jesus is King. Paul told how Jesus is in charge of all things, and that He is the head of the church. Paul also said that it is because of King Jesus saving us that we can have a relationship with God and that we are saved because of His death and resurrection.

Because of all these things, we can say 'thank you, I love you' to Jesus with our whole lives and our whole family. We call this worship. Living a life that says 'thank you, I love you' to Jesus is a life of worship.

Family Activity

There are three small activities this week to help us remember the three things about Jesus that Paul talked about.

1. 'The Image'. Play a version of 'pictionary' where you or another family member draw a picture of something you can see around you. The first person to guess what you are drawing is the winner. Say to children that we can see what God is like by looking at the life of Jesus in the Bible.

2. 'The Creator'. Take a walk outside, or as you are walking next time, collect some items from your walk. Choose simple items from nature, or point out things you can see -such as leaves, the lake, the clouds, stones, flowers etc and talk about how all things were made by and through and for Jesus, and He holds everything together.

3. 'The King'. Choose one child to be the 'king' and have them order the family around and do whatever actions the 'king' says. Eg – running on the spot, jumping up and down, hopping on one foot etc. Tell children that Jesus is not the kind of king who just tells us what to do and bosses us around to make him happy, but He is the king who laid is life down to pay for our sins and to save us. Jesus is a good King, and it is good to trust Him and obey Him.

See you Sunday!

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