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Month: March 2019

Palm Sunday

Big Idea: We say "Hosanna, Our God Saves!" Our God made a way to save us.

Bible Passage: Mark 11:1-11

This week we celebrated Palm Sunday – the story of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. As Jesus rode into the town, the people welcomed him as King and Messiah. They waved palms and shouted, "Hosanna!". They were celebrating that Jesus was the long-awaited saviour to save them. However, the people believed Jesus was going to save the Jews from Roman rule. Jesus had actually come to save the world from sin. Our God made a way for us to be saved, and to have our relationship with Him restored through the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

We talked about how we can praise God with our palms, too. We don't need to wave tree branches around, but we can use our hands to praise God. We asked the children to think of ways we can use our palms (or, our hands) to worship and praise our God. Some ways we talked about were: lifting them in worship as we sing, hugging others, making food for others, and Hi-5s. We can use our palms in many ways to praise God for saving us by sending our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Family Activity

Throughout the week, give children opportunities to use their hands for service to others. Encourage them to pick up laundry, write letters of encouragement, or even dry the dishes. Clean up the yard togehter, or wash the car. Whatever fits into your week this week, be intentional about pointing out that when we serve others in kindness with our hands, we are doing so because Jesus first did this for us in dying on the cross. Use Hi-5's as a reminder that we can use our palms to bring glory to God. 

Whenever you see a palm tree this week as you drive or walk, call out 'Hosanna!' See how many palms you can see on each journey as you drive. Ask children to remember what "Hosanna" means (Save now!) and why the people called it out to Jesus. 

The Story of Job

Big Idea: We can't always understand why things happen, but we can always trust God is in control, and that He is good.

Bible Passage: 1-42

This week the kids learned about the story of Job. Many terrible things happened to Job. He lost his family, his animals, and even got a disease. Job was confused about why these things happened to him. Eventually when Job turned to God, God answered him through a storm.

God told Job that He is in control. That He is mighty, powerful and the Creator of all things. God says He controls the seasons, the skies, all of creation and says 'Everything under heaven belongs to me.' God also says He is the one who knows when the animals give birth, and counts the months until the baby animals are born. He is the one who cares for all creation. The things God says about HImself in the word tell us these things:

1. God is always in control, and 2. God is always good. He cares for us – more than all of the rest of creation! We can always trust our God. He is powerful, His ways are far beyond our understanding, and He cares for us and loves us – even in our brokenness, and especially when we are hurting.

Family Activity

Take a packet of plain band-aids or skin plasters. Write on the band-aids phrases like: "God is always in control." "God loves me, always, no matter what." "God loves me in my brokenness." "He sees, He cares." "Psalm 38:18". Be as creative as you like, and ask children to come up with phrases that comfort them. Then, place the band-aids back in the box. Be reminded when you use them, that even though we may experience hurt in this life because of sin and brokenness, our God is always in control, and always loves us and cares for us.

The Tower of Babel

Big Idea: Who is the greatest? We are not the greatest, God is the greatest! 

Bible Passage: Genesis 11

This week the kids learned the story of the Tower of Babel. After the flood, it didn't take long before the people of God's earth began to mess up God's world again. Instead of spreading out and filling the earth as God had told the people, they gathered together to make a big city, with a tower all the way to heaven! Instead of saying 'God, you are great', the people were saying "Look how great we are!". The people thought they didn't need God. God was not happy about this, so he confused their languages. The people could not build the tower any more. All the glory for being great belongs to our God, not to people. He is far smarter, stronger and more powerful than we can ever imagine!

This is why God had a plan to rescue us from our sin. He knew we could never save ourselves from our sin, or be like Him on our own. God's plan was not for us to climb up to Him, but for Him to come down to us. That is why Jesus came to save us. We are not great, God is great! All the glory for bringing us back to His family belongs to Him alone. 

Family Activity

As a family, build a tower out of anything you like in your home. (Tupperware, blocks, cardboard etc) Be as creative as you like. Each piece you put on the tower, say 'this is for God's glory – our God is great!'. Ask children to discuss their heroes, and who they think are people of 'greatness'. Remind children that God's word teaches us that the greatest thing we can do with our lives is not live for our own glory, but for the glory of God who saved us. How can we give God glory in our lives?

See you next week!

Noah and the Ark

Big Idea: Our God got messy to clean us up.

Bible Passage: Genesis 6-9

Our Bible passage this week teaches us about God's hatred for sin, and His love for His people. Our God was so mad and sad at the sin and evil in all the world that He decided to wipe everything out and start again. But God chose one man, Noah – and his family, to save and to start again with. After the flood, when the whole world was empty except for Noah and his family, God sent a rainbow and made a covenant with Noah. God said that never again would He wipe out the whole world because of our sin, but instead make a way for us to be rescued and have perfect togetherness with Him. This is the grace of our good God.

We know that the way God saved us from our sin is through Jesus. God himself came to earth, and got messy with us -and died to save us- so that we wouldn't have to be wiped out because of our sin. When we see the rainbow, we can thank Jesus for His love for us and for saving us and making a way for us to have perfect togetherness with Him forever.

When we see the rainbow, we think Jesus!

Family Activity

This week, look out for rainbows after the rain. If you see one, have a member of the family call out "When we see the rainbow, we think," and have everyone else respond, "Jesus!". Give children the opportunity to wipe down the bench or table after a meal this week, or as your children bath, talk about 'wiping all the mess away.' When God destroyed the world with a flood, he was wiping all the mess of sin away. But it made God sad to destroy all that he had made. Talk about how our sin makes God sad, and how even though we hurt others and disappoint God because of our sin, he has made a way for us to be 'wiped clean' of it forever through Jesus. 

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