Kids Ministry as Forest Lake

Month: February 2020


Big Idea: I can trust God, He is strong and will help me.

Judges 6-8

This week the kids learned about Gideon. He was the youngest man in the smallest family in his tribe. He felt like a nobody, but God called Him to great and mighty things to deliver the people of Israel from their misery. At first Gideon is uncertain, and so confirms time and time again that God is really who He says He is before he obeys Him. When we meet Gideon he's hiding in a winepress working, so His enemies can't find him! He is an unlikely hero and yet God uses Him for His glory and to save His people. Eventually, Gideon (meaning: valiant warrior) goes into war with his army and God tells him to send most of the men home – leaving only 300 men to win the war against thousands of enemies – and they do! God is mighty, and He won the victory for the people so that they would also know He is Who He Says He is.

Our God has promised  "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you," (Hebrews 13:5), so even if we feel small and weak, like Gideon, we can follow wherever God leads. Even if we are afraid, we can know that God will go before us and has won the battle over sin and death for us through Jesus, so He can surely help us with whatever we need!

Family Activity

God said to Gideon to send the men who drank from the river 'by lapping it up like dogs' home from the battle. Play a game with your children and give them a bowl of water. Tell the children to choose how to drink the water – either by lapping it up or drinking it like from a cup. Turn your back and say 'Ready, Set, Go!' and turn around and call out one of the ways. Whichever way you call out – all the children who drank that way are 'out'. Play again until there is a winning child or as long as you like. Talk about how when God sent the men home, there were only few men left, but that God won the battle for Israel to prove He was with them, He was mighty to save them, and they could trust Him. Ask children what they find it hard to trust God with, or what they worry about, and pray together that they would be able to trust God just like Gideon did.


Big Idea: God uses broken people to bring about His plan to save the world.

Bible Passage: Judges 1-3

This week the kids learned about a book of the Bible called 'The Judges'. The Judges were the leaders of the people of Israel after Joshua died. It spans about 250 years, and documents the many failures and unfaithfulness of the people of Israel, as well as the faithfulness of God. God gave the people of Israel a Covenant, and a mission.

 In this covenantGod promises to make the Israelites his treasured possession among all people and "a kingdom of priests and a holy nation", if they follow God's commandments. Unfortunately, the people of Israel did not follow God's commandments. Nor did they complete their mission. They were instructed by God to drive out the enemies from the promised land He gave them, but they did not. Soon they were serving, following and worshipping the false gods of the people living in the land. This brought about a 'cycle' we read over and over again in the stories of the judges. 

Check out this video about the 'Cycle of Apostasy' for kids.

The Judges were leaders that God raised up to deliver the people from their trouble. God raised up His Son, Jesus, as our deliverer for our sin and unfaithfulness. We now live under a New Covenant, that means now, we can turn back to God or repent when we are in trouble, and know that because of Jesus' sacrifice, we are accepted, loved, forgiven and rescued from our trouble. We likewise have a new mission – to go into all the world and tell people the good news of the gospel and help them to follow Jesus, too. 

Family Activity

Watch the video on the link above and talk about what kinds of things make us 'forget' about God. Ask children what makes it hard to remember God's love for them? What distracts them? What's one way they can remember God when they forget? (Deuteronomy talks about writing God's commands on our foreheads- maybe not a great idea for our kids, but a great example of somewhere you would see it everyday!)

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