At Forest Lake Baptist, we believe

Every child is important to God.

We believe every child has been created by God, in His image, for His purpose. We believe each child is loved and valued and uniquely gifted by God. We want every child to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, and to be a part of His Big Story. 

Bumble Bees 18 months-5 years

At our church on Sunday mornings during our service we have a preschool aged ministry called Bumble Bees. In this ministry kids are loved and valued and learn about Jesus and the love he has for them through the wonder of worship, creating and listening to stories. Ceri and her team welcome children 18 months- years old to Bumble Bees where they can sing, dance, laugh, create, play and learn about God, His love, know belonging in His family and hear His big story.

Kidzone (prep – year 6)

For primary school aged children we have Kidzone, where we teach and empower children to be and make disciples of Jesus. Emma and her team welcome all children in primary school to come and worship together, and learn about God, His love, His big family, His Big Story and their part to play in it. 

Junior Leaders (Year 7's)

For our year 7's, we have a Junior Leadership program that meets at the same time as our Kidzone & Bumblebees programs, where they learn to be servant-hearted followers of Jesus, and get to put into practice what they learn about their part in God's big family by serving alongside our Sunday morning teams. 


We love families! We believe that God designed families, and the home is the primary place for our kids to be learning how to live lives as a followers of Jesus. We want to partner with you, and empower you to be intentional about this journey and to be as confident as you can be. We would love to talk to you about how we can parter together better, so if you are unsure of anything, or have great ideas or questions, on Sundays, find someone wearing a blue t-shirt that says 'KIDS LEADER' on it, and chat away! 

If you have any questions about kids' baptisms, communion with kids, dedication services, our safety precautions or parent resources, send an email to our kids & family ministry coordinator, Sally, at 

See you soon!