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Month: April 2020

Sunday Service Activities: 3rd May

Hi families,

Here are the activities for our kids to do as part of our service on Sunday. We're looking at the next part of the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6 together: "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done."

Here's and idea for the Kidzone kids (The words say:God makes earth more like heaven when we live with Jesus as our King):

And some instructions on how to make it:

And here's an activity for the Bumblebees:

Heaven Activity

As usual, there will be a special leader (or maybe a few!) for our kids' spot this week, so keep an eye out 🙂

Have a great week,

Emma, Lois & Sally and the FLBC Kids team. 

The Lord’s Prayer: Heavenly Father

Big Idea: We can call God "Father" when we talk to Him, because Jesus made a way for us to be God's children.

Bible Passage: Matthew 6:5-13

Parent Prep: As our kids grow older, often they tend to feel pressure to 'pray good prayers'. To use the "right words", to say the "right things", or to make them sound fancy enough for God (or grown-ups) to hear and be impressed. Or sometimes, because they pray, and maybe lack the ability to discern God's answer without grown-up help, they find prayer a boring, monotonous experience. This week we are talking about how Jesus teaches us to "approach the throne" when we talk to God, and how amazing it is that because Jesus made a way for us, when we come to God, we can simply call our holy God, "Dad", and talk to Him as someone we love. 

Read Matthew 6:5-13 together in your Bibles, or read it in a children's version here, or watch it together here.


Say to children. [As adapted from the Jesus Storybook Bible p 224] When Jesus taught his friends how to pray, he told them not to pray with 'extra-super-holy' words. It's not because you're so clever or good or important that God will listen to you. God listens to us because He loves us. The reason we can talk to God as our loving Dad is because Jesus made a way for us to be called God's children! Everyone who trusts in Jesus can approach God's throne like a child asking their dad for help. 


Ask children, Do you know that God is always listening to you? Did you know He can hear the quietest whisper deep inside your heart, even before you started to say it?  God knows exactly what you need before you ask Him.  Jesus says that when we address the King of Heaven who made everything in the whole universe, we can call Him, 'Father'. 

Ask What are some things that you ask your mummy or daddy each day? What do you ask for help with? What do you need from them? Imagine if you could ask God, like you ask us, for whatever you needed. What would you ask for?


Read together Ephesians 3:12. This verse tells us that because we have faith in Jesus, we can approach God's throne with "freedom and confidence" as His children. Then read together Isaiah 58:9. This verse tells us that when we call out to our God, as His children, He answers, "Here I Am." How great to have a God who not only hears and answers, but actually wants us to speak so that He can bless us!

Using the acronym ACTS, as Ps Mark mentioned during his sermon, come up with and design a framework for your kids to use to help them when they want to talk to God. Here's a few ideas. You can use a big poster sheet, a whiteboard/chalkboard or a simple piece of paper. Stick it on the fridge, or on the back of the toilet door or in a bedroom to help remind kids of simple words to use when they pray. Pull it out when you pray together around the table or at bed time.

Adoration: Under the heading 'Adoration' write "Adoration is telling God how great He is." Write words or draw ways to describe God that remind you of His goodness. This list can be added to as you use it throughout different seasons in life. Some examples could be "provider" or "protector" or "good Father", "Saviour," "friend", "Good Shepherd". 

Confession:  Under this heading, write "Admitting I am not perfect." Help children to voice their confessions by reminding them that not only does God already know about their sin, but He has already paid for it and is always ready to forgive them. Under the heading of confession, write or draw "I'm sorry for," and leave a blank space so that children can speak out loud each day to fill in the gaps with the things that make their hearts heavy. 

Thanksgiving: This is an easy one for kids! Have them write, draw or list things they are thankful and grateful for. When things are tough, remind kids that even when God doesn't answer our prayers the way we want Him to, we can always thank Him for being with us in the toughness, no matter what.

Supplication: Underneath this heading, write "What do we need today?" Have children name things that they (or others) may need. It might be physical, concrete things they write or draw, like help with a test or a new pair of shoes, but it also might be a more abstract concept – like asking for strength to forgive someone who hurt them. Try not to 'coach' children too much through what they 'should' or 'shouldn't' ask God for, but allow them to come to Him in freedom and confidence as a child to a parent, expecting that He can provide for them. It is appropriate, when we don't know what else to ask, for children to simply ask their Dad for 'help'. 

Put your poster or board up in your home and feel free to add to it during this season together. If you'd like, to encourage others, post a picture of your board on our Facebook pages, so we can pray along with you!

Hope you have a great week!





Sunday 26th April – Service Activities

Hey families,

Here's some activities for kids to do as part of our streamed service on Sunday. This week we start a new series on the Lord's Prayer. This week we will look at the first line of the prayer that Jesus teaches in Matthew 6. We'll look at how amazing it is that we can call the King of the whole universe, "Father", because Jesus made a way for us to be part of God's family.

This week, the activity options are:

Prayer Hands

Fold a piece of paper in half and trace around child's hand (with fingers closed). Make sure their thumb touches the fold-side of the paper. Cut out the template as shown above. Allow children to decorate the hands, and write names of God on the hands that describe how He is our Father. Eg. "Father, Dad, Daddy, provider, protector, strong, He carries us etc).

Jesus Superhero Badge

The reason we can call God our "Heavenly Father" is because Jesus made a way for us to be called children of God. Here is a superhero template for us to remember we can call God "Father" because of what Jesus has done for us. Print this template off and decorate it however you like. 

Superhero template

Have fun! 

Sally, Ceri, Emma and the whole kids ministry team of FLBC.

God’s Grace & the Kingdom: Matthew 19-20

Big Idea:  We become a part of God's Kingdom because of God's goodness to us- not the things we have or the things we do.

Bible Passage: Matthew 16:19 – 20:19

Parent Prep: This week is all about assurance. This week Mr John shared a fantastic analogy. He asked kids to imagine what it would be like if they had to work hard enough every day to remain beloved members of their own families. As ridiculous as it sounds, this is what many children understand God's love is like. This week, as we look at Jesus' answer to the rich young ruler, and the story Jesus tells His followers, we will explore God's grace to us and how it brings us an everlasting assurance of His love.

Read the Bible story together from your children's Bible, or online here; or watch the story of the Rich Young Ruler here.


Say to children, In verse 25 of chapter 19, it says the disciples were amazed and surprised that Jesus said it was very difficult for the rich man to enter heaven. He said it would be harder than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle! The disciples were surprised because they thought that rich people were God's favourite people. They thought having lots of money was a sign of God's favouritism and blessing. But Jesus used the parable in the next chapter to teach his disciples that God doesn't just choose the people that the world says are "best" to be in his family. God isn't impressed by lots of money or good behaviour – he loves us whether we are rich or poor, good or bad. He chooses to give His grace to whoever He pleases, not because we have earned it, but because he is full of love for us.

Ask older children if you were a king and you could choose who would be in your kingdom, who would you choose? Why would you choose those people? Would you choose to invite cheaters, liars, or mean people who hurt others? Why do you think God invites people who do those things to be a part of his Kingdom? Have you ever broken any of God's commandments? [Read the 10 Commandments together in Exodus 20]. Do you feel like you deserve to be in God's kingdom? Why or Why not? Assure children that because of Jesus' sacrifice for us, our sins are paid for, and so we can praise God that He invites us to be in His family and kingdom. We are not called in because we are good or impressive, but because He is a good God and in His love chooses to show us GRACE. This means that because we didn't earn it, we can't ever mess up so bad that we will get kicked out. God's love for us is completely free and never-ending!

Ask younger children Do you think that there is anywhere you could hide that God's love couldn't get to you? Ask children to come up with their best hiding spots – maybe even play hide and seek as you explain this to them. Each time you find your children say, "there is no where you can go that God's love can't find you!" Ask Do you ever think you could be so naughty that your mummy and daddy won't love you? Of course not! Just like there was no where to hide that God's love couldn't find you, our love for you goes on forever and ever and ever no matter what you do! It is the same with God's love. You can never make it go away or do anything to make Him love you any more because He already loves you always and forever! This means we can always, always tell God when we make a mistake and choose to sin because He will always, always forgive us and love us! When God chooses to love us, it is called His GRACE.


Jesus said it would be "easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for someone with lots of riches to enter the kingdom of heaven,". Find a needle if you have one and show children how small the size of a needle eye is compared to a camel. Explain to children that it is easy to rely on the things we have, and to let how 'good' we think we are to trick us into believing that we don't need God's grace. Set up a challenge course in your home with tiny 'hoops' (as the 'eye' of the needle) and large items to throw (as the 'camels'). Have children try to aim their large throwing-toys through a small space. Whether they are successful or unsuccessful, discuss, just as it is difficult to get the toy through the hoop, it is hard to keep our eyes on Jesus when we think we are 'good enough' to earn His love on our own. Every time a child throws a toy, call out "Thank God for His grace to us!" 

Pray together. Charles Spurgeon says, "His grace is given as freely as the light of the sun." Each morning this week, when you see the sunlight together, explain to children, that just as the sun freely gives light to the whole earth,  God's grace is freely given to us. Use the sunlight (or sunrise if you have early risers!) as your reminder of God's grace. Sit together in the warm sunlight and thank God for His grace – as sure, certain and freely given to us as the light of the sun.

Have a great week – see you online this Sunday!


Sunday 19th April Service Activities

Hi families,

Here's the activities for this Sunday's service. We'll be talking about God's grace and goodness in welcoming us to be a part of His kingdom. 

For the Kidzone kids, we have a 'Passport to God's Kingdom' to decorate, 


And for the Bumblebees, a world template to print. Trace around children's hands as if they are holding the world, to demonstrate God holding the whole world (His Kingdom and us) in His hands. He is in control of all things!


From Miss Ceri, Miss Emma & the kids ministry team.

Easter Family Devotions

Big Idea: We can live as 'Easter people' every day.

Bible Passage: 2 Corinthians 5:16-21

Parent Prep: I'm sure over the last week that you've spent alot of time thinking about the Easter message and what it means for you. This week, as we reflect on the story of Easter, we will be spending our time talking about what it means to be 'Easter people' every day as we wait to be united with our Lord Jesus forever. 

Read the Easter story in Matthew 26-28 or watch the Easter story here.


Say to children, the message of Easter is the reason we celebrate not just on Easter weekend, but every weekend when we meet together, and every day of our lives! We are 'Easter people' – we celebrate & live everyday in hope because of what Jesus has done for us- by defeating sin and death. We also know that even though we will die one day, our death is just a passing on from this earthly life into perfect, eternal life with God forever! 


Ask older children

  • Why do you think it matters that Jesus rose from the dead? (He told us that He would [Matthew 20:17-19], He proved He is God.)
  • How should this change how I live? (Because of what Jesus did, if I trust in Him, I am forgiven. I don't need to fear anything in this life, because I know He will take care of me and hold me close forever. [Romans 8:38-39]). 
  • Why do you think Jesus is waiting so long to come back? (He is patient, waiting for people to come to know Him [2 Peter 3:9] and He has work for us to do in healing a broken world  & telling others the good news of Jesus [2 Corinthians 5:16-21].

Ask younger children 

  • Do you know how many people have defeated sin and death? Only 1! Our Lord Jesus! This is why we worship King Jesus – He is the only one who could beat sin and death forever.
  • How does it make you feel to know that Jesus is alive?
  • How do you feel knowing that our Mighty God who beat death promises to take care of you?
  • If these things make you feel safe and happy, who could you share this with?
  • Why do you think Jesus is waiting so long to come back to take us to be with Him? He has a special job for us! We have to tell others about His good news, and help to heal the broken world!


If you haven't already, read together this passage here: 2 Corinthians 5:16-21. Paul talks about being 'made new' and how when we trust in Jesus we see the world, and people, in a 'new way'. On a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle. Write 'Old' on one side, and 'New' on the other. Ask children to write or draw broken things or hurt they know of in the world on the 'old' side of the paper. (Eg. dead flowers or animals, sore/scraped knees, crying and sadness, hunger, poverty etc). Then, on the 'new' side, have children write or draw what it would look like for 'Easter people' with the hope of Jesus to meet these needs. (Eg. To tell others the stories of Jesus, give bandaids to people with sores, visit the sick in hospital, take care of the earth, comfort the sad, play with lonely children, give money to those in need.)

Say, "We don't see the hurt and brokenness of the world like everybody else, we see hurt and brokenness and have hope because of Jesus. We know that that one day we will enjoy perfect life forever with Him and all will be made new. Let's practice bringing healing and the hope of the gospel to people and our world every day, as Easter people."

We'd love to see your ideas posted on our new Facebook Group for our FLBC families here!

Here's some extra activities for you to do if you need during the week:

Preschool Activity Pages

Younger Children Activity Pages

Older Children Activity Pages

Easter Service Activities

Hi families, here are some acitvities for your kids to do as they take part in our services over Easter.

Good Friday

For this craft, you will need:

  • A blank (can be coloured) piece of paper,
  • Coloured pencils or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue, and


Draw a cross on your blank piece of paper, and with coloured pens and markers, have children write or draw things they need forgiveness for onto the cross. They can be simple words (eg. 'being mean', 'unkind words') or detailed confessions- whatever children choose. Then, cut out and place the Jesus template (or draw your own) over the words, drawings and confessions. Say to children, "On Good Friday we celebrate the sacrifice that Jesus made, and that His blood covers our sins so we can be called God's children."

We encourage you to discuss the things your children have written or drawn on the cross, and bring these things to God in prayer during communion, or as a family afterwards.

Easter Sunday

Here is a simple craft to celebrate new life for children to do during our Easter Sunday service. 

You will need:

  • Coloured pencils or markers,
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Decorative stick ons, sequins or stickers (optional), and


Here's how you can use this printable: 

Consider writing "We celebrate Easter because we have new life in Jesus!" and use this as a 'Happy Easter' card to give to neighbours or to stick in your window. 

Also – here are some of our family devotion weekly worksheets that you can use during the week to talk about the Easter story:

Preschool Activity Pages

Younger Children Activity Pages

Older Children Activity Pages

Happy Easter!

Love from Emma, and the kids minstry team.




Psalm 23

Big Idea: We are invited to God's dinner party table where we find our rest and joy!

Bible Passage: Psalm 23:5-6

Parent Prep: This week we looked at verses 5-6 of Psalm 23. These verses are a change from the scenic imagery of us as sheep in a pasture, with Jesus as our shepherd,  to Jesus, the great Banquet Host. Here we see we are invited to be guests at His dinner table, our cups overflowing with His blessings. He gives good things in abundance, and we are invited to 'dwell' there with Him at the banquet 'forever'. This picture is of a generous host – a God who invites us to be drawn to the 'rest' of being with Him. He has prepared the meal – there is no work for us to do, but sit and 'tarry there' as Ps Mark said. We are to sit and enjoy the abundance of His goodness forever. This week with the kids, we will explore this 'rest of soul' that our loving Father gives us by His presence, and why it is good to rest a while with Him at the table. 

In anticipation of this devotion together, we encourage you to set the table for a special meal together. Consider letting children use decorations to dress the table up like a party (or banquet). Have party hats, party napkins, candles or flowers, decorative place settings. Perhaps consider making some 'placemats' as a craft to use for this meal. Set placecards with names on them at each setting for the members of your household. An additional craft idea could be to make invitations to this meal for your family members.


Read together Psalm 23, in a children's Bible, or here. Read again the last 2 verses together. Here are verses 5-6 with pictures of the book we read together on Sunday.


Say, "In this part of the Bible, we hear David describe our God as a party host. He is making a beautiful dinner table, and He invites us to have dinner with Him. He says that 'his cup overflows'. He is saying God gives Him more than He needs for his day each day. He says that God has goodness and 'loving-kindness' for him every single day, and that He is inviting him to this table to be with Him forever. David isn't the only one who talks about this party-table either. Read together Luke 13:29, John 14:3 and Revelation 19:9. (The wedding feast is like a 'reception' after a wedding – a great party when we all finally get to be with Jesus forever!). 


Ask Older Children: How do you feel when someone important invites you to sit with them? How does it make you feel knowing that the God who made the earth and all creation has set a placecard with your name on it at His dinner table? David says that God gives him more than all He needs ('my cup overflows'). Do you feel like God gives you all you need and even more? If not, what do you think you need more of? What are you missing out on? Sometimes the things we think we want and need are not the same as the things God knows we need. There is a difference between what our human hearts want in this world, and what our hearts actually need, isn't there? The promise is that God says He will generously give over and above what we need (His goodness and His loving-kindness). What really needs to change is not what God gives us, but our own hearts. We can come to God and ask Him for all we need to get through each day, and He promises always to give us what we need most: His presence with us. 

What are some ways I can 'dwell' or 'sit in' the presence of God to bring us joy like David? (Reading/memorising scripture to myself, singing to Him songs of worship, praying, walking in the garden pointing out things He has made.) 

Ask Younger Children: How does it feel when someone special invites you to a party? Did you know that King Jesus invites you to His party? What do you think it will be like to be at God's big dinner party? God promises that when we need anything, we can come to Him – because He gives us everything we need. It's like being at a party where the lollies and food and drinks never run out! We can always come to Jesus when we need things because He always wants to give us what we need. Do you know what the best thing that Jesus gives us is? HIMSELF! He gives us His Spirit to give us calm, happiness and protection. He loves us, and He loves to BE WITH us! 

What are some ways I can be with Jesus today? (Sing Him songs, talk about Him, read stories about Him, talk to Him in prayer, walk in the garden and point out things He has made.)


At your special table, prepare cups and saucers for each person. Each member of the family gets to pour (with some help!) a drink for the next person, and fill the cup until it overflows and spills over onto the saucer. As it fills up, the rest of the family can say, "God gives us more than we need!". At the end of your time, hold hands and close your eyes together.  Sit in silence for a moment together and encourage children to take 5 deep breaths in and out. As you sit, explain to children that it is in God's presence where we have all we need, and he calls us to sit and rest and 'dwell' in Him. As they breathe out, have children repeat, "Jesus you are all I need,' or 'You are here with me,' or a similar phrase to help children slow down and rest in the truth of our God's promise to be with us always. 

Then, because it's a party, and parties are fun, have a 30 second dance party at your table! 

We will continue to pray for you – and give you lots of resources for your family's Easter celebrations!

Love, from the Kids ministry Team. 




Sunday 5th April – Psalm 23

Hey families – here's the activities to download for this Sunday as we look at Psalm 23 together.



For the craft, you will need scissors, glue and cotton wool balls. A leader will show you what it should look like during the service. 🙂

❤️ From Miss Emma 

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