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Month: November 2017

Welcome in God’s Family

Big Idea: God, the perfect Father, sent His Son to earth so that we can be part of His Big Family.

Bible Passage: Luke 1:26-56

This week the kids learnt that Jesus the rescuer came down from Heaven, just as God promised. The prophets foretold of his coming in Isaiah 7:14 where it says He will be born of a virgin, and called 'Immanuel'. This is what happened in the Bible story. Mary was visited by an angel and was told she would be pregnant and give birth to God's promised Messiah. Because Jesus came, died and rose again, and paid for our sins, we are all welcome in God's big family when we believe in Him.  We celebrate Jesus at Christmas time because He has made a way for us to be called children of God – our perfect loving Father.

Family Activity

This week, reflect together on 'what makes a family'. Write a list of all the things that your family does for one another. (Care for, feed, protect, clean up, play & have fun etc). Then, look at this list and explain to children that because of Jesus' sacrifice, our Father in Heaven has welcomed us into His family. Explain how we can also do these things for others to show them they, too, are welcome in God's family. Choose one family together, that you can invite over for dinner between now and Christmas time, pray for them, and consider the ways you can show them that they are welcome in God's family. 

Have a great week! See you next week for our last week of the year, our Christmas party! 

Stephen’s Address

Big Idea: The Holy Spirit helps us follow Jesus.

Bible Passage: Acts 6:8-7:60

This week the kids learnt that Stephen was persecuted and ultimately killed for loving and spreading the good news of Jesus. He told all those around Him that Jesus was God and the promised Messiah – the Jewish leaders around him were mad. Jesus also said that those who suffer for Him would be blessed (Matt. 5:11) We can face suffering and persecution in this life because Jesus suffered first. He gives us His Holy Spirit to help us.

Family Activity

This week, as a family, talk about a time it has been hard to talk to others about Jesus. What makes it hard? Talk about how Jesus knows how it feels to be bullied and hurt because he suffered for us. How does that help us when we feel lonely or hurt? How can we remember that Jesus is with us in times of suffering for Him?

Try this: Just as Stephen saw Jesus standing in Heaven for him, we can 'stand up' for Jesus. Choose one family member and have them stand. Make a circle around them and hold hands or lay hands on that person. Have each other family member pray for them that they would know that Jesus sees their suffering, and he cares, and know that His Holy Spirit is always with us. Encourage children to ask for this 'circle prayer' or 'standing prayer' whenever they feel weak or hurt. Let the circle you make around them be a reminder to them of the protection and love that surrounds them even when they feel alone.

Peter Healed a Beggar

Big Idea: Peter healded a man in Jesus' name. The Holy Spirit gave him the power.

Bible Passage: Acts 3:1-10; 4:5-31

This week the kids learned that the Holy Spirit gave Peter the power to heal a beggar, in Jesus' name. 

Peter’s healing the beggar was not magic; it was a miracle. Peter responded to the people who were amazed at what had happened. “Why are you amazed at this … as though we had made him walk by our own power?” The man wasn’t healed because Peter was a super-believer. Peter explained that it was by Jesus’ power the man was healed. The man’s healing made him happy and thankful.
He entered the temple and rejoiced! Consider the wonderful miracle of salvation. We are dead in our sin, and God makes us alive in Christ! How we should rejoice and give thanks to our Lord! 

Family Activity

As a family, think of someone you know, or someone in your family who is in need – it could be sickness, or any other kind of need. Make or choose & purchase together a 'get well' or encouragement card together for that person, to let them know you are praying for them. Then, grab a post-it and put that person's name on it, and put it on your fridge. Commit to praying for that person during this week as a family whenever you see it. Pray, that even if they aren't healed from their sickness or hardship right away, that God would be close to them and they too would know the joy of knowing Jesus as Lord & Saviour. 

Have a fun week!

The Holy Spirit Came

Big Idea: Jesus gives His followers His Holy Spirit to change us to be more like Him, and gives us the power to do God's work.

Bible Passage: Acts 2:1-4, 22-42

This week the kids learnt that just as He had promised, Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to be with His disciples. They were gathered in Jerusalem after Jesus had gone back to heaven, and all of a sudden, a sound came from heaven. Then tongues appeared like flames of fire, and they rested on each of the disciples. They were filled with the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit gave them the ability to speak in different languages!

Peter preached to the crowd that had gathered, and told them the good news of Jesus Christ. That day, about 3000 people repented and followed Jesus and were baptised.

For all those that repent and follow Jesus, He gives us His Holy Spirit to change us to be more like Him and to give us the power to do His work. He helps us share His good news with others. 


Family Activity 

DO This week, find a globe or a map. Spin the globe, or close your eyes and point to the map with them shut, and randomly choose a country that speaks another language. Search the internet for the native language of that country. Then use google translate to translate the following sentence or sentences.

  • "Jesus promises His Holy Spirit to those who trust and follow him,"
  • "The Holy Spirit gives us the power to do God's work." 
  • "The Holy Spirit changes me to be more like Jesus."

For preschoolers: Choose another language other than English and use google translate to find out how to say "Jesus" or "Jesus loves me," in your chosen language.

Say those words together this week to one another as often as you remember them, and talk about how the Holy Spirit gave the power to the disciples to share the good news of Jesus. Remind each other that followers of Jesus have this same Holy Spirit who gives us the power to share the good news of Jesus with our friends, too.

Have a fun week! 

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