Big Idea: God made a way for people's sin to be forgiven.

BIble Passage: Leviticus

This week we looked at the book at Leviticus (Yep, the whole thing!) In this book are the laws and the commands that God gave to His people. He was setting up His promise to them by saying, "I will be your God, and this is how you are to live as my people." He told them as His people "to be Holy, as I, the Lord am Holy."

But the people were sinful, and so in order to be holy, and to be made right with God, they needed a way for their sin to be paid for. So, God gave instructions to His people to bring offerings and sacrifices for their sin, so that they would be forgiven. We read in Leviticus the instructions for animal sacrifices, the offerings people brought, and the way the priests were set apart to enter into God's presence in order make sacrifices on the peoples' behalf. We also read about the Day of Atonement, which was a special day set aside in the Jewish calendar to come together and have 'atonement' made for their sin by the shedding of an animal's blood.

When Jesus came to earth, He lived a perfect, holy life without sin. He obeyed all of God's laws perfectly. Jesus then died on the cross, and the shedding of Jesus' blood was the once and for all sacrifice for our sin. Now, we don't have to bring animal sacrifices, or obey the law of Moses in order to be called Holy, but instead call Jesus our Lord and Saviour and ask God to forgive us by the blood of Jesus. 

We praise God for making a way for us to be called His people even though we sin and don't deserve it. We praise God for sending Jesus to pay the price for our sin. Now, in the same way, we are able to show love and forgiveness to others by the power of His Holy Spirit, and demonstrate just how much Jesus loves people.

Family Activity

To 'atone' means to 'make up for'. What are some of the ways we 'make up for' things that we have done to each other? What are some examples for your family? (When we hurt each other, we say we are sorry, when we make a mess, we clean it up.) Discuss them together. Talk about how our mess (our sin) is so bad, and God is so Holy, that we could never make up for our mess on our own. Our mess is too big! This is why Jesus came down from heaven himself to help us. He knew we could never make ourselves right on our own, so He came to save us from our sin. Confess your sins to one another and thank God that He forgives us because of Jesus.

See you next week!