Big Idea: God wants to be with His people.

Bible Passage: Exodus 35-40

This week the kids learned that God wanted to 'tabernacle', or 'dwell' with His people. He wanted to be with them. What a beautiful thought! God told His people to build the tabernacle, and gave the people instructions to follow in order to make it. People brought their best offerings to help build it together, because it was a special place. It was where the presence of God was, and so the people made it beautiful, just as God told them.

Our God wanted to be with us so much that He came to earth himself as Jesus. Jesus dwelt on earth and 'tabernacled' with His people, and showed them how to live. Then Jesus paid the ultimate price for sin – His own death, so that we can be forgiven of our sin, and have nothing stand between us and God. Jesus rose again so that we can know He is trustworthy – He has power over everything! One day Jesus will come back for all those who trust Him and we will dwell with us forever in a new heaven and new earth. Until that day, we are promised that His Spirit will dwell with us here on earth and never leave us. Our God wants to be with His people!

Family Activity

Isn't it great that God wants to be with us? We talked about ways we can be with God. When you love someone, and they love you, it's great to spend time together. How can we spend time with the God who loves to be with us? As a family, build a fort out of blankets together, or set up a tent in the back yard. Decorate it beautifully together. Climb in the tent/fort together and read Hebrews 13:5. Our God's promise is for those that trust in Him: "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you!" Praise God together by singing a song in your tent.