Big Idea: When we sin, we can turn back to God and be forgiven because of Jesus.

Bible Passage: Numbers 20-21

This week the kids learned that the people of God once again chose not to trust Him. The people complained to Moses about the food and water, and spoke out against God. God sent snakes into the camp of the people because of their sin. When the people repented, and Moses prayed to God on behalf of the people, God made a way for them to be saved. God told Moses to put a bronze snake up on a pole, and all who looked at the bronze snake would be saved from the venomous snakes.

We talked about how we also deserve to die because of our sin against God when we choose not to trust Him. But instead of sending punishment on us, God punished Jesus for the sins of the whole world when He died on the cross. Just as the Israelites looked to the bronze snake to be saved, all those who look to Jesus for salvation will be saved from sin and death. Jesus was lifted up on the cross for us as the bronze snake was lifted up for the Israelites as a way to be saved. Our God is the only one who can save us from our sin and death.

Family Activity

This week, if your kids complain about the food or drink you provide for them, use it as an opportunity to talk about the story. Ask children about other things that they are tempted to complain about. Remind children that it wasn't just that the people of God whinged about the food that God was punishing, but that they chose not to trust Him as their God and provider. How often do we also forget to trust God for all that we need? Thank God together that we are not punished for our sin as the Israelites were, but because of Jesus, when we sin, we can be forgiven. Help children to 'REPENT & REALIGN' as we discussed on Sunday – to REPENT means to turn back to God, and REALIGN means to follow Him once again. We 'REPENT' when we say we are sorry for our sins, and REALIGN when we ask for forgiveness and ask for help to trust Him.

See you next week!