Big Idea for Kids: The wise and faithful servent will be rewarded. 

Big Idea for Preschoolers: We should be ready for Jesus to come back. 

This week the kids studied the Parable of the Faithful Servant in Mathew 24:4551; Luke 12:42-48. Talk about how Jesus gives believers the responsibility of caring for His world and sharing the gospel. No one knows the exact time Jesus will return to Earth. We must always be ready. When Jesus returns, those who faithfully work for Him will be rewarded, but those who don't will be punished.

Family Journal Activity:

Invite kids to write about or draw a picture of what they do to get ready for somewhere . Talk about what happens if it's time to go and someone isn't ready. Promt kids to explain the difference between a faithful servant and a lazy servent. Talk about ways your family can live that would make Jesus happy if He were to come back right at any moment.