Big Idea: What people do for evil, God uses for good.

Bible Passage: Genesis 42:1- 46:34; 50:15-21

This week we heard the story of how Joseph interpreted Pharaoh's dreams and was set free from prison, elevated to second in charge of all of Egypt, and was able to save the whole nation from famine. God's hand of favour was on Joseph, and despite all the troubles he had been through, God used him to save many people.

When Joseph's brothers & family came to him for help during the famine, they didn't recognise him.They bowed down to him, just as Joseph had dreamed when he was only 17. Eventually Joseph told his brothers who he was, and he said he forgave his brothers for what they did to him all those years ago. Joseph tells his brothers that it was actually God that brought him to Egypt and used him to save many people. He said that 'what you intended for evil, God has used for good.' Joseph was able to give God the glory for all the things that had happened, and save many people because of God's plan – even though he went through so much suffering.

We also see this in the life of Jesus. What man intended for evil when they crucified Jesus on the cross, God used for our good & His glory. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the sins of the world were forgiven, and like Joseph, through His suffering, Jesus saved the lives of many people – for eternity. Because of Jesus, we are chosen to be a part of God's family. 

Family Activity

In the story, Joseph hid a cup in his brother's bag in order to bring them back to him so he could be restored to them. Hide a cup of some kind in one of your children's school bags each day this week. When they come home, ask them if they found it. Remind children that because of Jesus, we are chosen to be a part of His family and can be restored to God. Thank God together for sending Jesus and using what man intended for evil, for His glory and our eternal good.

See you next week for our last week of term!