Big Idea: God doesn't give up on sinners.

Bible Passage: Genesis

This week we finished up the term by looking back at the stories of Genesis. We talked about Adam & Eve, Noah & the covenant rainbow, Abraham, Sarah and the covenant God made to them, Isaac, Jacob & Esau, and then Joseph. We reviewed how God had begun to roll out His plan to rescue the children who turned their back on Him. We looked at how God chose sinful people as part of His plan. We talked about how what people do for evil, God uses for good. We reviewed how even though things can look bleak for us, and sometimes we maybe even feel forgotten by God, He nevers leaves or forsakes us, and He is good to His children.

The book of Genesis teaches us that even though we turned our backs on our good and loving God, he made a plan to rescue us, and that plan was Jesus. God himself paying the price for the sins of the world. And we begin to see signs of this plan unfold all the way back in the very beginning – in the garden. When God promises that one day He will crush the head of the snake and defeat evil forever. 

Next stop, Exodus! We start Term 3 on July 21st, and we can't wait to begin unfolding the rest of History!

See you after school holidays!

Family Activity

Over the school holidays, try making origami paper boats like the one in this video. Place your boat in the lake, or even in the bath or a pool. Use the time folding to talk about the different stories of Genesis we learned about. Remind children that when Noah had to build the Ark, it was because God was so sad about the sin of the world that He wanted to wash all of His creation away. We can thank God that He promised never to do that again, but made a way to save us from sin. Then use your paper boat to give hints to children about the first chapter of Exodus. Moses' mother put her baby in a basket and floated him down the river to save his life. Place your paper boat in the water and watch it float away. Remind children that God doesn't give up on sinners, and what people do for evil, God uses for good. Tell children that at Kidzone in Term 3, we will be talking more about Moses and Exodus and God's plan to save the world.